ROSERICH - Prog-Doom Metal Band from Tokyo Japan.

Formed in 1991.
The band's specialty is spellbinding and dark sound with an ultra-heavy groove influenced by BLACK SABBATH and KING CRIMSON.
The band's unique stage performances based on improvisation were well received by maniacs, and in 1997 they released "Ritual - live in Tokyo," a live recording of their performances on cassette tape and CD-R format, but they suddenly went silent shortly after.

... A quarter of a century later, in 2023, the ritual was revived as a legend.

"Ritual - Live in Tokyo" to be reissued on CD/Streaming on September 20, 2023 !

ROSERICH / Ritual - Live in Tokyo

Label (PN): B.T.H. Records (BTH-090)
Release Date: September 20, 2023
EAN: 4988044090415
1. Intro
2. Psychotic Waltz
3. Memories of Love
4. Withdrawal Symptom
5. The Awakening
6. I Believe Again
7. Souls
8. The Old Bitch is Back
Direct Soundboard Recording of Concert at The Live Station (Tokyo, Japan) in September 1995
Koichiro Nishino - Vocals
Taro Arai - Guitars
Hisaka Akiyama - Bass
Yutaka Takaura - Drums

ROSERICH, a progressive doom metal band known for its members Koichiro Nishino (vocals) and Taro Arai (guitar) of the current BELLFAST, has released a live cassette/CD-R "Ritual - Live in Tokyo" in 1997, is now available on CD for the first time!

Tokyo-based progressive doom metal band ROSERICH is pleased to announce the long-awaited first CD release of their 1997 live cassette/CD-R "Ritual - Live in Tokyo", a massive work of over an hour containing 8 songs. Most of the songs are over 8 minutes in length, and feature a doomy heavy sound with heavy, dragging guitar riffs and distorted fretless bass. The vocals are sung in a haunting manner at times, creating an underworld of darkness.

The free-form "Intro" is followed by the leisurely "Psychotic Waltz", Memories of Love" with heavy doomy repetitive riffs, "Withdrawal Symptom" with a hard-rock taste that avalanches from the freaky improvisation, "The Awakening" is compact, but develops dramatically, The lyrical "I Believe Again", "Souls" an 18-minute-plus epic that can be considered the highlight of the album, and the varied and heavy "The Old Bitch Is Back", The songs are also highly accomplished.

While heavy rock was sweeping the world, ROSERICH, which depicts a doomy dark world, is a valuable existence and a masterpiece that should be handed down as an archive of Japanese hard rock / heavy metal.

(From B.T.H. Records product information)